Is the golden age of online dating over?

This is a question of importance, since almost everyone has tried online dating. Nowadays, free online dating sites are one of the most visited sites on the internet. So the answer to “is the golden age of online dating over?” is no! In fact we can say and I think it is right if we say, the golden age only just begun.

Studies have shown that one in ten Americans have used an online dating site. Even if you haven’t used one, you would at least know somebody that has used it. This is indeed the golden age and it is not close to ending. In this article, we are going to site a few reasons why online dating would not go down anytime soon.

Free online dating sites

I think the wide use of online dating apps stems from the fact that there are now a lot of 100% free online dating sites. And I also think people tend to use free services more. Check here!

Human nature

Another probable reason for the wide usage of online dating apps is the intrinsic human need for human interaction and attention. This is usually the case when individuals have tried dating in real life and all to no avail.

After failing, they tend to resort to the alternative, which is mostly always online dating. They would depend on the algorithm of a match making system than give themselves another chance at finding love by themselves.

This is good but the successful rate of online dating in the long term is not always in our favor. Hence, the need to reconsider your choices.

The convenience associated with it

The ultimate reason for the rise in use of online dating sites is the fact that it is very convenient. Online dating apps like Tinder and Grindr has made it so easy to use. These apps exist for the sole reason of helping people explore relationship formations.

They use dating pools to match make people based on the qualities you upload on your profile. Some of them even rate over 10. For example if after creating your profile, the app algorithm weighs it and gives you a 10/10. You’re likely to be paired with an individual that is a 9 or 10.

This gives individuals the idea that the app will match them with someone that is in their level or standard. News flash, the algorithms can make mistake and people fake their personalities to be likeable online. That is just the downside. Click here for more information:

The myriad of options to choose from

On the dating app, you get to find a pool of options you can select from. You’ll find lots of people to connect with and then make your decisions at the end. Online dating puts you on the driver’s seat. It puts you in control of anything associated with establishing a relationship.

Finally, I think online dating builds people’s hope that there is still love out there. Even if one fail, you are provided with the option of trying again. New online dating sites like Hinge, provides premium services that I think people should check out.

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